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this blog is being put up in memory of Luke, previously yourstratfordking. someone has saved that url so i was unable to use that one. if you have a prayer, or a message, feel free to send it to me, i'll post it for you.

rest easy luke, you will be missed.

omg. I'm literally shaking right now. sorry i didn't know this earlier. I still remember seeing his replies to anons all over my dash & his suicidal posts. ohmygosh. If only I'd sent him a message or something. RIP Luke. you're loved & missed. <3

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i miss luke so much, it kills me to know that i'll never talk to him. i've stopped him before and it makes me feel so bad that i wasn't there for him when he needed someone most. i just really miss him.

asked by thatfinnanon

i miss you every day luke. you're my big brother, you always have been, and you always will be. i love you so much. you made sure i was okay, and safe before you did yourself. i love you, thank you for protecting me. rip big bro.

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i am so very luke, i failed you </3 i told you i would be here to help you through the months you had left, i wanted to save you but i failed, i'm sorry i didn't keep up to my word. i am so very sorry. you were so dang sweet and nice, i wish you didn't go </3 my heart is so broken tonight i am about to be in tears, i can't even type right now. i loved you so much, luke i hope you knew that.your family and friends are in my prayers, i am so dang sorry i failed you.i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm so sorry

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rip angel.

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You were special to me and I really cared about you. It kills me that I will never be able to talk to you again.

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luke, i miss you so so much. i can`t believe you`re gone. i wish i could have saved you. you were my hero. but you`re in a better place now i guess. I love you and i miss you so much. ♥

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going to get off. leave messages if you want, i’ll post them tomorrow. bye. 

i am so sorry to hear that,i didn't really talk to him but he followed me ,and i just want to say sorry :$

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thank you, he’s in a better place now.

omg he killed himself :O

asked by vintage---dream-deactivated2013

yes, unfortunately, he did.